Timbali Crafts and DoTERRA; The Power to Change a Country’s Economy?

There’s been some buzz in the air about something big happening in Swaziland – here’s the exciting news!
These are the Timbali women of Swaziland, Africa. Timbali means “flower” in SiSwati, and it’s a fitting name for the Timbali women. They’re beautiful, strong and joyful, but they live hard lives. Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS rate and lowest life expectancy in the world. Many of these women have lost husbands or loved ones and are left to care for their families themselves.
In spite of their own hardships, the Timbali women help to feed more than 3,000 orphans a day. Timbali crafts was started in 2005 to provide these women with support; they sew and the products are sold in the US. They now support more than 100 Swazi families; imagine the impact we will have together!
Early this year, I spoke with Marcia Borg, one of the founders of Timbali Crafts, on the phone for a couple of hours and laid out an idea. She is AMAZING!!! Before her next trip to Swaziland, I sent her a proposal, DoTERRA materials, samples, bags, stitching and fabric samples (all generously provided by Andy and Natalie Goddard, who have funded this project) and off she went! It has been a long dialogue and a LOT of emails and shipping, but we now have two significant channels of new funding for Timbali Crafts!

Timbali Crafts has an all-new line of DoTERRA oil bags and they made it into convention with Oil Life in late September!!! It was an amazing conversation to tell sweet Marcia we would need all the bags the women can make. I placed the first order of several thousand oil bags and they will arrive from Swaziland just in time for convention. I am putting together a pre-order to pull from the first shipment and priority goes to those who already have a heart for Swaziland and attendees of the Timbali Crafts celebration at the end of this month.

The first shipment will arrive any day. You can order yours (or your essential oil loving friend’s) here. The cool part? There’s more than buying bags and coming to celebrate with us that can be done to help support these Swazi women and families! Click to order on Facebook.

Timbali Crafts now offers DoTERRA oils! Every Timbali product comes with an oil sample and a card containing information on how to order samples through Timbali Crafts, allowing them to collect commission on every order and reorder. The samples and cards have all been funded by Share Success, Oil Life and Andy and Natalie Goddard, so all credit goes to them. Several local businesses have enrolled to sell the oils for Timbali Crafts as well! Want to help and join our funding network? Go to the Contact Us page when you’re done reading and let us know!
Alternetwork is hosting a celebration for the new partnership at Andy and Natalie Goddard’s Oil Life building on August 31st; come hear the full story, enjoy some laughs and light refreshments and get excited about transforming Swazi families’ lives together!


This is where we can pull together as a community and get word out! With strong word of mouth, a few ideas and so much love for one people in one place, we can change a lot of lives. Let’s come together and help the women and children of Swaziland be seen! Can’t make it but want to know how to get Doterra oils from Timbali Crafts? You can buy your enrollment kit, read on why DoTERRA’s bestselling product can change your life, and benefit the families of Swaziland all at once.
Explore Starter Kits
 If you want to help support the families of Swaziland, shoot us a message. This is community and we’d love for you to get involved.
 I hope to see you September 1st!
-Skye Galvas




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