These Brothers Won the Small Market – Here’s How:

“Small business” is a term that brings warmth and thoughts of our favorite ‘mom and pop’ shops around town. Small businesses are the locally owned and grown places we love to hire and shop at whenever we can- even in the face of big box stores. Why?

When we support small business, we know our money is going on a family’s dinner table, into a coveted piece of work equipment and often into a child’s education. It feels good to look someone in the eye, hand them cash and have a relationship with something other than a u-scan. Most importantly, we know we are helping someone achieve the American dream.

Brothers Window Washing

With the advent of the online market, big box stores and large corporations, our beloved local businessmen have had to fight to compete. Aaron and Nathan , owners of Brother’s Window Washing in Salt Lake City, UT, have been met with the same challenges.

“I’d love to buy a cabin up in Park City,” Aaron shares. “The hard part is that it’s sometimes tricky to prove that the little I pull out of the business isn’t all I have, and to be honest, it was really rough trying to take our business to a level where Nathan and I could really get by.”

In January 2018, the brothers were doing what countless others were: rising early, working nonstop washing windows while simultaneously sending bids, fielding calls and trying to find ways to hire and train employees on a dime. What they needed, they realized, was a way to generate residual income without increasing their workload.

Brothers Window Washing tried something unusual: they enrolled as doTERRA Wellness Advocates and began to purchase Terrashield, the pest abatement blend.

“We figured a completely pure oil would be a perfect product to offer with window washing and we added it into our mixture so it would coat the window frames we wash” Nathan explained simply. “We didn’t really expect to make money off the sales, but other small business owners thought it was cool and signed up to also sell some doTERRA oils in their own businesses.”

Finally we found a way an MLM could work to help us, our customers and our partners.

Multi-level marketing, commonly called MLMs, have been around for decades but only recently have been tuned into effective models for businesses with strong products. Armed with a known product already in significant demand, the brothers began selling doTERRA products alongside their usual services.

“We didn’t have to do much,” Aaron laughs. “We enrolled under Alternetwork and they did all our marketing and put everything together. They send mailers and advertise for us and all we do is offer samples, cards and information when we wash someone’s windows. It’s brilliant, really.”

BWW Chose to go with a strong product: doTERRA Essential Oils.

Brothers Window washing and several other small businesses enrolled underneath one another in doTERRA sales in order to help each other collect commission. With one of the highest product reorder rates, the brothers have found the residual income and health benefits have been well worth the investment. 


“It rolls uphill,” Aaron adds, “Now, Brothers Window Washing, a few cafes, some nonprofits and several boutiques all benefit from a single sale. If a boutique sells an oil, all of the businesses benefit. It’s the way we can still buy eggs from the neighbor and help other small businesses. Customers are appointed a trained Wellness Advocate to answer their questions, bring them new products and order online and we just go about our window washing!”

With a network of support, product sales and small business success, Aaron and Nathan have been able to get much closer to their dream of buying a cabin in Park City. They have also started using doTERRA products in their everyday lives with incredible results. 

For outdoor workers, they strongly recommend these products:

On Guard – protects against catching a cold in the long hours outside

Breathe – Frees up the respiratory system and helps reduce cold-like symptoms

Peppermint– Gives a boost of clean energy, helps reduce nausea and headaches as well as spares them the need for antacids

Lifelong Vitality Pack – This best-selling doTERRA product is a go-to for increased energy, clear minds and incredible sleep.

Deep Blue Rub – The brothers love this on tired and sore muscles after a long day.

These are all included in starter kits at wholesale prices, so many business owners opt to get a kit so they can begin their marketing plan right away. Get yours Here.

Help support Brothers Window Washing and get started on joining their simple but brilliant network by choosing one of their starter kits, getting some of your doTERRA products here or by filling out the below form for more information for your own small business.

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