Marathon Mom Shares: Running Performance with doTERRA for a Cause

This Mom Improves Running Performance With a Personal Cause

Jessica Golden is more than just your average runner; her walls are covered with dozens of medals earned from beating the marathon track for over ten years. She shared both her running secrets and her passion with a huge smile, introducing her two-year old and excitedly sitting to talk. In her interview, Jessica plays with her daughter while explaining how the secret to her running success is also the core of a cause in Africa that she supports in her free time.


A devoted wife and mother, Jessica works hard to promote and support awareness of the Nation of Orphans, Swaziland, and moonlights as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate– sending earnings to the women of Timbali in Africa. She starts at the beginning:

What gave you the idea to run a marathon?

“I had only ever done a 10k when my father signed me up for my first half marathon. When he went to register me, he called saying the half marathon was full but the full marathon has room. I said ‘why not?!’ I trained with my father for three months before running my first marathon. I loved it!”

What is your secret to training and running with so much on your plate?

“I started using doTERRA oils to help with my running performance, actually. Running marathons in my twenties was easy and now I can get back to that level of performance without much more effort. Plus I don’t get lower back pain or ‘itchy legs’ at all anymore.”

Which doTERRA oils do you use before running?

“I use Lemongrass oil* to help with the circulation in my legs before I run and I apply it again after; now I don’t have muscle stiffness or ‘itching’. I breathe in the Peppermint oil from my palms to give me energy and it helps me breathe much better! Some people prefer Wintergreen oil too.”

*The doTERRA links in this article direct interested readers to additional information. They are in place to benefit the nonprofit Timbali Crafts account.

What keeps you running marathon after marathon?

“I love what it does for me mentally and physically. It’s my anti-depressant, I love the runner high, I love pushing myself to go faster. My goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon.”

Jessica with some of her marathon medals
What are some more doTERRA oil tricks you use for running?

“I absolutely love Deep Blue Products. After running, nothing soothes sore muscles like massaging in some Deep Blue on my back and legs. I also add a couple drops of Copaiba oil and now I don’t experience lower back pain or inflammation. I highly recommend it!”

What cause are you advocating for? How do you help?

“There is a nonprofit called Timbali Crafts in Swaziland, Africa that feeds over 120 families. The country is called the Nation of Orphans because the AIDS/HIV epidemic wiped out almost an entire generation of parents.”

One of the bomake of Timbali Crafts

“Several outreach-run carepoints are set up throughout the country, but the women who show up and volunteer to run them are mothers. I work to support the women who volunteer by sharing doTERRA oils. Plus I order from them too every month!”

How does your running contribute to the women?

“Many of them have household full of ten or more children, many adopted. Timbali Crafts microloans the women sewing machines and teach them how to sew. ”

The Timbali women cutting fabric patterns

“We direct people who want to buy oils to order them from the women. Every oil I share means money in the pockets of these incredible women. Most of them are simply trying to save for school fees for their kids.”

Before we wrap up, what would you say to someone training for their first marathon?

“Be smart about your training, good shoes, and give yourself a break in the times when it’s hard. If you finish your first marathon and you want to do another, you’ve done it right!”

“If you want to start with an enrollment kit, DO! I found that I used and loved all my oils, and the kits cost as much as the 3-4 oils I wanted to get anyways. Plus I get a free wholesale pass for a year. Also, if you want more breathing oils, Eucalyptus oil is great! Oils will save you a lot of first-timer training pain.”


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