Pain Patients and Pot Users Are Stockpiling Copaiba Essential Oil- Here’s Why

"I heard Copaiba oil was selling so fast they had to restrict one bottle per person. First I thought it was because it was CBD; then I realized what the oil did."


ChloE Testimonial Video

I was asked to test out a software designed to enhance doTERRA sales and did so with a greater margin of success than expected. I was asked to call in on conference and consult on my use and recommendations, many of which were implemented. I sat through the testimonial shortly after and had a great time.

The Timbali Project – Style That Changes Lives

These aren't normal essential oil carriers; they're handmade in Africa by the Bomake, women who serve more than 3,000 orphans a day. The women are given a sewing machine , taught to sew and provided materials to make these essential oil clutches. One bag is equal to a day's wages, allowing them to continue to support and feed children in the Nation of Orphans.

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