Our network is incredibly diverse in location and lifestyle, so having a common mission is especially important. As many of us face issues with wellness, income, emotional well-being and keeping a healthy lifestyle, Choosing doTERRA as a common interest for personal and financial wellbeing has proven to be a powerful choice for the team. Be sure to read through the blog to find out more on why this product has been able to support businesses and nonprofits and heal some of our greatest pains.

We are partnered with a multitude of small businesses in the essential oil and wellness industry and use this product to help tie together causes and fundraising purposes. Every oil purchased through anyone in our network directly benefits several small business owners, nonprofits and families.

In a way, doTERRA has become the simple manner in which we can support each other. Check out Skye’s testimonies with her own chronic illness and ask us anything.

Skye first introduced doTERRA oils to her work when she fell dangerously ill in 2017. Concerned friends connected her with the top earners of doTERRA, under whom she has launched several project and has made almost a complete recovery.

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