Runaway Attempt #1: Surviving Exposure

I ducked behind a car and watched, shaking from the cold.


Nun School and the Silent Father (part 2)

I pulled on my jeans and gathered my tattered pink shirt around me. I didn't know what a rape kit was nor did it cross my mind to ask for any kind of exam; I was exhausted and all I could think of was endless sleep.

Runaway Attempt #4 (Shutter Island)

I lay face down in the wet, decaying leaves and God knows what else underneath the trailer. I carefully controlled my heavy breathing; my body had ceased to shake from the cold. I knew I was hypothermic, but I had much more serious matters on my hands. I heard a car door slam and knew the … Continue reading Runaway Attempt #4 (Shutter Island)

The Walker That Brought Me Down (part 2)

Let's go back to the walker story. Quick recap: 23 years old, just starting a new job. I had tripped over a walker and done something serious to my shoulder. My car blew up, my wallet fried in an MRI and I had gotten impaled by a dye needle. Basically, life had gone down the … Continue reading The Walker That Brought Me Down (part 2)