Podcast – How to Become the Hero of Your Own Story

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I recently discovered that Christopher Harding has a podcast with Will Wilkinson! As he is a well known success coach for major businesses, I dove in with alacrity. When I got to 25:30, something sounded familiar- he was talking about ME! I have truly the most amazing mentors, or as he puts it, I have ‘many Yodas’ and am so thankful!

Check out this epic podcast and laugh with me when you get to 25:30! Click the podcast or listen here.

Join authors and consultants, Will Wilkinson and Christopher Harding, as they share techniques and practices for shifting our roles and our stories into ones that generate success. Drawing upon years as executive coaches and leadership consultants, Will and Chris also dive into the archetypal storytelling formulas used in movies and television dramas to provide a backdrop and methods for shifting how we perceive situations, others, and ourselves in order to more successfully navigate life’s challenges and opportunities. For more information on the topics covered in this episode, you can refer to their popular book Thriving in Business and Life available in Kindle and paperback at Amazon or their new online learning course.

Learn more about Christopher Harding and Luminary Communications at www.luminarycommunications.org


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