Alacrity: My Saga of Survival

457 pages of absolute tomfoolery and badassery, all to the end of staying alive.

It is with great pride and excitement that I announce the completion and release of my first independently written major work: “Alacrity”.

When I was young and my father was planning the purchase of a sailboat, he sat everyone in the family down, telling to do research and to bring a name for the boat to the table.

The name I brought I had researched passionately, though it was passed over. Today, I am glad. This is my previously unbelievable story, available on ebook or paperback.


For years, Skye tried to escape the abuse of her wealthy, influential family. Long after disappearing, her battle continued.

Skye appeared to live the perfect, privileged life of a physician’s daughter. When she turned thirteen, she began to realize something was terribly wrong about her circumstances. In heartbreaking detail, Skye shares the extreme escalation from medications to numerous abusive institutions to ensure her silence.

Silenced with her father’s reputation and influence, Skye shares her struggles to get to safety, fighting into adulthood to extricate herself from the grasp of a powerful man; at all costs.Skye recounts her descent into drugs and trafficking; surviving a Michigan homeless shelter as a teen and beating the odds to join the Air Force. As she enters training, Skye struggles to find support or belief from her wingmen and must fight to keep her place and her clearance.

Moved from Florida to Texas, to Michigan, Idaho and Montana, Skye boldly shares the heartbreaking state of the pediatric pharmaceutical industry, the caveats of powerful parents and the paradox of the missing child’s voice into adulthood.


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