Skye spent the bulk of her childhood in Michigan and Montana before joining the Air Force in 2010.  

Eventually stationed and settled in Salt Lake City, Utah, Skye was diagnosed with EDS. Upon her diagnosis, she began writing again and developed a reputation for process  streamlining. Now an established Chicken Soup for the Soul author, speaker and wellness advocate, Skye works to help others find empowerment, personal strength and the value of community. She lives in Salt Lake City, UT and Dallas, TX. 


Wellness Advocate & Networker

Skye battles chronic pain, seizures and joint degeneration as part of her EDS. After receiving a poor prognosis using modern medicine, Skye turned to natural solutions and found doTERRA essential oils. Using oils, she has experienced staggering improvements in her health and loves to find natural solutions that work for others. Contact Skye with questions about doTERRA essential oils or check out her journey on the doTERRA page.


With dozens of publications including several short stories published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Skye has earned a name in the memoir community for her bold narratives and ability to take her readers with her through unseen stories. Published as a Chicken Soup for the Soul author and preparing to release her second book, her writing draws readers from over 40 countries. She speaks in several settings about the importance of community building, building relationships in the sales world and in complex problem solving contexts.


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