What statistics about YOU do you want to beat?

No one has to be a number in the Alternet. We are a community of business owners, public figures, criminals and laymen. We are housewives, disabled but still working employees and patients you don’t think of when you pass the hospital. Growing rapidly in number, the group began in Salt Lake City and has spread to a multitude of states and cities. The world is ready for a workaround!

Skye created the community Alternetwork, later shortened to the Alternet, as a solution to overcome societal restraints. The community focuses on three critical goals:

1. Accept and connect everyone

We come from a world where it is a strange thing to see so many differences in a room, but to only hear the similarities. When it happens, the power is impossible to replicate. When we bring our members together, the real fun starts.

2. Create success with each person’s passions and skills

With the event of ecommerce and services along with an enhanced level of connectedness, the community builds into your skills and talents, finding ways to build your talents into a self-supporting lifestyle. We push each other to the top. Some of the projects we have undertaken include The Timbali Project and others include long term partnerships such as Ditta Cafe and Brothers Window Washing. No matter who you are and what you do, we need you!

3. Promote healthy and well-rounded lifestyles

One of the most critical aspects of bringing so many different people together is to give a common quest. As health and wellness is something every person faces across the world as a barrier to success, we decided to make it our success and partnered with doTERRA to sponsor our network as well.

Have an incredible story or strength? We want to know!

Fill out the form below telling us anything you want us to know about you. We love great people, great stories and strong camaraderie.


Skye spent the bulk of her childhood in Michigan and Montana before joining the Air Force in 2010.  

Eventually  diagnosed with EDS, she began writing again and developed a reputation for process  streamlining. Now an established Chicken Soup for the Soul author, speaker and wellness advocate, Skye works to help others find empowerment, personal strength and the value of community. 

Wellness Advocate & Networker

Skye battles chronic pain, seizures and joint degeneration as part of her EDS. After receiving a poor prognosis using modern medicine, Skye turned to natural solutions and found doTERRA essential oils. Using oils, she has experienced staggering improvements in her health and loves to find natural solutions that work for others. Contact Skye with questions about doTERRA essential oils or check out her journey on the doTERRA page.


With dozens of publications including several short stories published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Skye has earned a name in the memoir community for her bold narratives and ability to take her readers with her through unseen stories. Published as a Chicken Soup for the Soul author and preparing to release her second book, her writing draws readers from over 40 countries. She speaks in several settings about the importance of community building, building relationships in the sales world and in complex problem solving contexts.

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