Kindness Doesn’t Know Gravity

So who are we besides Alternetwork? We’re a group of diverse and gritty DoTERRA advocates dedicated to changing the way people buy and sell from each other. Since MLMs are quickly becoming the new way of buying eggs from the neighbor, we’re taking it a step further and helping you get your oils from causes all over the world. What else do we do? Random acts of kindness, stories and of course we’re all good for an inappropriate joke.

About Skye

Originally a military brat, Skye spent the bulk of her childhood in Michigan and Montana as an at-risk teen. Offered several scholarships for her writing, she opted out of her family to begin again. After living on the streets of Michigan during the recession, Skye joined the Air Force and left the state behind.

Eventually stationed and settled in Salt Lake City, Utah, Skye was diagnosed with EDS. Upon her diagnosis, she began writing again and developed a reputation for process  streamlining. Now an established Chicken Soup for the Soul author and blogger, Skye works to promote nonprofits through Doterra fundraisers while telling  her experiences past and present.