How I FINALLY Quit Smoking with doTERRA Essential Oils

Smoking had ruled my life every hour for 11 years – my friends often referred to me and smoking as a ‘package deal’

and it wasn’t too far from the truth. After doTERRA did what modern medicine couldn’t for a chronic illness, I took it the next step and began studying addiction and oils. Afterwards, I had a pretty good idea on how I wanted to start. With the odds and ends from a few kits that I had, I managed to put together the basics.


“I’d used patches, Wellbutrin, Chantix, gum, cold turkey, you name it; the struggle was REAL. Imagine my shock when I used doTERRA to quit and went about my day feeling ever better instead of worse!” 

Skye Galvas

After smoking a pack and a half a day for eleven year more religiously than I held my religion, it was time to quit. Since historically I get very ill and faint during withdrawals, I look a more cautious approach and used Step 2 patches with doTERRA before completely ceasing nicotine. I wrote up a list of the oils I used, then realized that many of the oils I was using came in kits that started at wholesale prices (and included bonus oils). I took my list and went over all the kits to figure out the lowest prices for everything.


Some oils are much more powerful than others and cost varies, so I wrote out three ‘levels’, if you will, and researched kits and pricing. Here is what I used in varying price ranges as well as when and how to use each oil! Prices vary but this is the gist. See how to use each oil below.

*Note: I used Lemon Squeezy to quit. Links will take you straight to the product on doTERRA website.

How to Use Your Oils to Quit:

Here’s the step by step how to use to quit for every oil in the above plans.

Peppermint and On Guard Beadlets – Pop one anytime you have a craving; these oils especially help with those

Black Pepper – Rub on wrists and inhale during cravings.


Lavender – Diffuse or mix it in your drink. I added mine to lemonade but it wasn’t quite enough so I put some on topically throughout the day. Put it on the bottom of feet at night if jonesing is keeping you up. Best sleep of your life.

Copaiba Softgels – Take one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Lemon and Peppermint– Add a drop or two to your water whenever you have a glass – and make sure you’re drinking plenty while quitting! Lemon is a powerful cleansing oil and Peppermint beats the best antacid/nausea fix any day of the week! Also incredible for hangovers.

Melaleuca – This will purge the smell of smoke with whatever you wash it with, so add a couple drops when you do the GREAT CLOTHING WASH of the quitting smoker.

Oregano – I take a couple drops orally in a veggie capsule. Don’t have any? One drop replaces dried oregano in most meals or just put a couple drops on a piece of bread and scarf it. This is a powerful cleansing and respiratory oil.


Frankincense – This is a very powerful oil (my personal favorite) I rub it on my wrists and neck a couple times a day and I overall feel much much better – even on good days. This has helped quite a lot with withdrawals symptoms. It can also be diffused or taken in a veggie capsule.

Deep Blue Products– Apply to muscles whever you start carrying the stress tightness. Everyone seems to get tension, me especially, when quitting, and this has been a total lifesaver.

doTERRA Breathe – This helped clear my lungs pretty well!! I rub a little on my chest or under my nose. It can be diffused too.


DigestZen – Nicotine is a natural laxative so many quitters experience some bowel/digestion discomfort. Two drops in the morning works wonders.

On Guard – This contains Clove, Wild Orange and Cinnamon Bark, all known for having qualities that seem to relieve the compulsion aspect. I diffuse this, use the toothpaste and soap and apply it topically and the compulsion passes quickly. Also a powerful anti-hangover oil.

Lifelong Vitality Pack – This is doTERRA’s best selling product for good reason; this has been critical. I refer to it as my Lifelong Vitality Crack. Take as directed.


Balance – Rub on pressure points or diffuse to help with the stress/anxiety. This is also great if you’re

Terrazyme and PB AssistTake as directed

The Bottom Line Question: Worth it?

The oils I put together from my own collection put me at ‘Lemon Squeezy’ and it really was just that simple! I’ve used patches, Chantix, gum, gone cold turkey, you name it, but every time the struggle was REAL. Imagine my shock when I used oils this time and went about my day feeling ever better without even a thought of smoking! Not to mention all the money I’m saving. I highly recommend ordering some veggie capsules and prepping them for the big QUIT day – they are GREAT and easy to use.


How Do I Start?

Follow the links to the products and order the products listed under the plan you want. Make sure to enroll under Skye Galvas so I can send you tips, tricks and answer any of your questions! Make sure to purchase the kit first, as it will have you set up your free wholesale account and drop all the prices for you. And most of all, JUST DO IT. It has never been this easy to quit; I wish I did a long time ago!

Shop doTERRA now and quit smoking. Then decide how to spend your new energy and saved money.


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